Smart Transmitters

Smart Transmitters

The real evolution of broadcast systems

SmartTX is the highly compact solution that allows to have all the functions of an FM or DVB-T transmission site in a single, mast-mounted, small-sized box.Low power consumption, low electromagnetic pollution, quick & easy installation are the key features that make our equipment the best choice for FM or DVB area coverage.

Our cell-based model allows to cover vast territories in a smart way by transmitting the signal only to the needed areas, using low-power transmitters and avoiding to waste power and money to cover unnecessary areas. Moreover, it also allows for scalable investments, whose economic return would be impossible to achieve with the traditional business model.

The technology developed in cooperation with our partner TRX Innovate allows to set up totally self-sufficient transmission stations by using either mono- or bi-directional satellite or ADSL distribution, with a power supply obtained by means of alternative energy sources (the example shows a photovoltaic panel + battery configuration).

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