Emergency Alert System

Emergency Alert System

An efficient and easy way to broadcast emergency alerts

According to statistics, about 74% of drivers listen to the radio while at the wheel: our technology uses this media to reach those people and quickly notify them the emergency warnings or alert messages in a safe and effective way.

The heart of our system is a multi-frequency FM transmitter which can send emergency warnings and alert signals on all radio frequencies simultaneuosly (88 – 108 MHz band) within 50-100 m from its position, temporarily covering the standard radio signal in order to transmit the warning to all the vehicles within that range.Not only for FM: our technology covers also DTV broadcasting needs!

The system is extremely compact and doesn’t need any expensive additional infrastructures. It can be mounted in fixed positions (highways, road tunnels…) or on mobile posts (to alert people about temporary roadworks, accidents, traffic jams…).

It can transmit an audio message, a voice alert or other messages. Thanks to embedded RDS encoder, it uses the “Emergency Alert” function to make the radio switch automatically to the FM tuner, transmitting the alert signal both as an audio message and as an RDS text.

Even if the driver is listening to a CD or an MP3, the receiver with an active RDS Traffic Alert warning will automatically switch to the FM tuner in order forthe alert to be heard.

The system can also be installed in emergency or rescue vehicles to quickly alert the nearby drivers about the approaching of these vehicles. It can be either activated directly by the rescue vehicle personnel in case of an emergency coming from a mobile post, or remotely from the headquarters, in case of use in a fixed position.