We offer compact, scalable, modular and flexible solutions which are very appreciated on the market.

Broadcast Platforms

The next generation: Broadcast As A Service (Baas) Just to get in touch with our philosophy, let’s speak about FM broacasting standard. The main reason why FM is still the winning standard after more than two decades since the introduction of digital broadcast, is to be found primarily […]

Emergency Alert System

An efficient and easy way to broadcast emergency alerts According to statistics, about 74% of drivers listen to the radio while at the wheel: our technology uses this media to reach those people and quickly notify them the emergency warnings or alert messages in a safe and effective […]

Modules and Boards

Tecnoroll design and produce a complete range of modules, boards and chipset that many customer all over the world use in their own equipments. Many of these modules share the same hardware infrastucture in order to give the maximum technological flexibility to our customes and help them to […]

R&D Services

The know-how of Tecnoroll ranges in every field of electronic design, in both hardware and software. Provide to our customers a service that can actively help the realization of their ideas is for us matter of course and simple. We always follow a design from the early stages […]



We are an experienced technology provider who can support customers during all the stages of design and development of new products.

Our know-how includes perfect knowledge of the TV and RADIO standards, including compression/decompression (MPEG2 video & audio; H.264), modulation (DVB-T, DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-C, DVB-H, ATSC, ISDBT, FM, DAB, etc.) and all internal features (transport stream, program stream, conditional access, etc.).